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Lithuanian Parkinson Disease Society / Lietuvos Parkinsono ligos draugija (LPLD) is a non governmental, a non-profit making central organization for people with Parkinson disease (PD), their family members, friends and doctors. The organization is working on improving the conditions, and strengthen the healthcare services for everyone living with PD.
LPLD was founded by a group of doctors, PD patients in 1997. The Society is managed and operated by PD patients, their family members, and their doctors.
The network of 8 branches throughout Lithuania has a mission to provide sufferers and their families with information about PD, to organize their meetings with doctors and assignees of government institutions for answering their questions, representatives of pharmaceutical companies. The Society offers pertinent lectures, exercise classes, organizes annual meeting of all the members for keeping patients and their family members up to date with the latest scientific developments with regard to PD, possibilities for social support, meet people in similar circumstances.
Sufferers are able to give each other emotional support and to share their experiences.

The Chairman of LPLD is Rolandas Čėsna (Mr.), since May of 2018